We are Excited You Have Chosen Duclos Orthodontics!
Our main goal is to give you the healthy and beautiful smile you’ve always wanted. We make it a priority to value both you and your time. We understand that choosing orthodontic care is a big decision and we are excited you have chosen us to improve the way you look and feel.

We make every effort to stay on or ahead of schedule, inconveniencing your work schedule or interrupting your child’s education as infrequently as possible is very important to our team.  Please understand that it is sometimes unavoidable that some school will be missed.  DuClos and his team will work with you every step of the way to make sure your orthodontic care is as enjoyable as possible.

How appointments may be scheduled.

  • Bonding, Banding and Long Appointments:
    These are more detailed and technique sensitive appointments. Therefore, these appointments will be scheduled during our quieter morning hours.

  • Emergencies: (Pain, swelling, or bleeding)
    These patient will be seen as soon as possible and either appropriate care given or referral to another specialist. 

  • Repairs:
    This includes loose bands or brackets, broken archwire or ties, missing or broken appliances or retainers. These appointments are always scheduled during school hours since they may result in a longer appointment. The vast majority of your appointments over the course of treatment will be short appointments.  By seeing our long visit patients during school hours, it leaves more room in the schedule to see patient’s during after school hours.

  • Appointments Broken or not Cancelled Within 48 hours:
    Another appointment will be scheduled but may require waiting four to six weeks. An appointment made during school hours may be arranged sooner.

  • General Dentist Appointments:
    As treatment progresses, it is important to continue seeing your regular dentist every six months for a checkup and cleaning.  Please let us know when you schedule you next dental appointment as we will schedule coordination appointments to temporarily remove your wires before the visit.  Immediately after your dental visit, we will replace your wires to ensure progressive tooth movement.